Back when it all began 2013

Me, Janelle, Zach and Kailynn


About Me… the photographer me…..

Well if you asked me 20 years ago what I would be doing now I definitely wouldn’t have said be a photographer! What I thought I always truly wanted was to be a Police officer. I started working in Public Safety In 1993 as a Police Dispatcher and continued on this journey expanding my knowledge and training to 911 , Police, Fire and Ems Dispatcher. This career path I would have said would have been my forever career back even 7 years ago. But fait had a whole other plan for me. It was 7 years ago in August that my life changed. I was out of work for an extended period of time due to an illness and its then when my husband wanted to get me something special to help my days be filled with something to do, something he thought I always enjoyed so he bought me my first “real” camera. He bought me a Sony A65 I can remember it like it was yesterday. I was so appreciative and at the same time confused. What am I going to do with this I thought to myself. Well I decided to start playing around with it and take pictures of trees and birds and whatever I thought was pretty. It was then I thought “hmmm I would love to learn how to really use this and learn more about how to make my photos better”. I slowly started to read up on cameras, how they work, what they do, why they do it, what do all the things mean on the dial and so on. I was surprised at all this little camera could do! Played around some more with picture taking, got more interested thought “ok lets see what else this thing can do”. Decided to take a few online photography courses. Never had I been so instilled in my schooling as I was with these classes and the hundreds of others following! That was it I was hooked! Absolutely loved everything about taking pictures and learning more and more about my camera and the lenses and how they interact with each other! I got to a point where I thought maybe I would enjoy taking pictures of people, kids, families who knows. So I stared asking friends if they would like to do some fun photos with me. The first session I did I knew I was never going back to 911 dispatching again. This was it for me after all those years of never knowing I loved being creative and capturing real love and special moments for people I finally found it!

I knew I wanted to continue to capture all these moments for family and friends for as long as I could and I did just that. I’m not even sure when but at some point others started asking where they got their photos done and my name started to get into the public. It was then I thought, maybe I should come up with a name. Something fun, something different….There you have it Through My Lenz Photography By Shannon Rivera

And here we are today! I believe my love for people and love for what I do shows through my work as a photographer. I absolutely adore my TML family of clients which over the years have become friends. So loyal and loving I truly couldn’t have asked for more.