Shannon Rivera -Owner / Photographer / Creative  

I am a creative, artist, photographer and friend!  I absolutely adore what I do as my career.  I love taking my thoughts and turning them into a reality.  I strive for perfection with each and every session all while making it unique to your style and personality.  I will not say that photography has always been a passion of mine because I didn't know it was until my husband bought me a nice camera about 6 years ago!  I played around with it, did some sessions for friends and family, after that was when I realized my drive and want to learn more about my camera and how it worked. I was unstoppable after this! My passion surfaced and my knowledge had no limits!  This was it, what I had been searching for for so many years.   I truly believe that anyone can see this love, dedication and effort in my work with the entire experience of having a photo session with me!  Easy going, down to earth, love having fun and creating a story for you with my images that bring you back to that very moment every time you look at them!  

To me it isn't just a picture, Its a story to tell, your story!!!  I'm just there to capture it!